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The Melanin Base Camp Guide to Outdoor Allyship

Do you ever read about racism in the outdoors and think, ‘well, that can’t be right, nature is definitely color blind’? Or maybe you’ve listened to someone recount their experience of discrimination, while waiting impatiently for a chance to interject and explain how they were wrong, and that didn’t actually happen. If that describes you then you should probably read no further. For everyone else, check out our official Guide to Outdoor Allyship.

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I Am Not an Angry Black Man

I write because I know I'm not the only one feeling the way that I do. I write because “I’m not Black enough.” I write because I love the outdoors. I write because our voices deserve to be heard.

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Send It! Your Guide to Adventure Sports

Part of what makes shared culture in outdoor recreation so great is the shared vocabulary. However, having to learn an entirely new lexicon can be off putting or intimidating to newcomers. Get a head start with our deep dive into adventure sports lingo.

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