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Sometimes The Bear Eats You pt II

The others being ones where I have been afraid because I know I’ve done nothing to warrant the interaction that is taking place, but there is nothing I can do about it. Instances like the one I started this article with. They are not unique. I've interacted with far fewer bears, knowingly, than I have police officers. And I've gone looking for bears, of many sorts, often enough in my adventures.

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Send It! Your Guide to Adventure Sports

Part of what makes shared culture in outdoor recreation so great is the shared vocabulary. However, having to learn an entirely new lexicon can be off putting or intimidating to newcomers. Get a head start with our deep dive into adventure sports lingo.

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When most people talk about the Grand Canyon, they tend to be speaking of the Colorado river in the Southwest of the United States. For those of us residing in the pacific northwestern states a few other rivers come to mind. While the Colorado tops many lists, a different Grand Canyon has called out to me for many years.

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