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I Said I Wasn't Outdoorsy...But I Lied

Someone very boldly asked me “What is your story? What got you outdoors?” Having been asked that question before, I automatically launched into the short synopsis of my brief outdoor career… I continued on with this neatly packaged story of how I fell in love with the Outdoors in my mid twenties.  For so long I absolutely believed this narrative to be true, but looking back I now realize that...I lied.

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Sometimes The Bear Eats You pt II

The others being ones where I have been afraid because I know I’ve done nothing to warrant the interaction that is taking place, but there is nothing I can do about it. Instances like the one I started this article with. They are not unique. I've interacted with far fewer bears, knowingly, than I have police officers. And I've gone looking for bears, of many sorts, often enough in my adventures.

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Are you a Woman of Color who loves the Outdoors? Want to be featured in a video project that's all about your goals and accomplishments? Melanin Base Camp is teaming up with Brown Girls Climb on Project Diversify Outdoors to highlight the accomplishments of Women of Color in the Outdoors.

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