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In Pursuit of Mindfulness with African American Skydiver Nicholas Walker

Nicholas Walker is an African American competitive skydiver with ten years in the sport and over 1,050 jumps. He’s also a 3rd generation military veteran who first learned how to survive, adapt and thrive through a childhood that spanned two continents, six schools and almost losing a parent—twice.

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Top 15 Black Women & Non-Binary Rock Climbers to Follow on Instagram

Interested in diversifying your outdoor Instagram feed? We can help!…Stay up to date with our list of 15 Black Women & Genderqueer Climbers to Follow on Instagram!

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Send It! Your Guide to Adventure Sports

Part of what makes shared culture in outdoor recreation so great is the shared vocabulary. However, having to learn an entirely new lexicon can be off putting or intimidating to newcomers. Get a head start with our deep dive into adventure sports lingo.

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