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Black Canadian Climber Sabrina Chapman on Why Womxn of Color Should Take Up Space in the Outdoors

Sabrina Chapman is a black Canadian climber on a mission to send her first 5.14a, and yet, she didn’t even start climbing until she was 26-years-old! Her story is proof that you can start late, take a non traditional path and still pursue your passion. Help us bring Sabrina’s story to the big screen!

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A Curly Haired Adventurer’s Guide to the Outdoors

Sometimes styling and celebrating your natural curly hair can be a challenge when spending time in nature—especially when you’re the only one who looks like you. Climbing and hiking weekends rarely include time for deep conditioning, and the wind and rain may not go easy on your twist out. So, after years of struggling, learning and experimenting, I’m excited to share with you this curly-haired adventurer’s guide to the outdoors (and protective styles!).

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