Melanin Base Camp is partnering with Beast Fingers Climbing and Trango Climbing on our first Kickstarter campaign. Our goal is to raise $24,051 in 30 days to produce a short film featuring Sabrina Chapman, a black Canadian sport climber on a mission to complete her first 5.14a—the threshold for elite climbing!

Sabrina is also a first generation Canadian who didn’t start climbing until she was 26-years-old. She regularly sends 5.13a/b; she’s one of a handful of black women in the world who are attempting elite grades—and yet, you’ve probably never heard of her! We’re trying to change that.

Her story is inspirational for womxn who don’t see themselves represented in the outdoors, but who are determined to find their place in it. To help tell Sabrina’s story, Melanin Base Camp and Beast Fingers Climbing are relying on generous contributions from people like you!

We’re excited about sharing stories of womxn of color in the outdoors—that includes black women like Sabrina who are climbing hard and pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits on the rock! We’re relying on donors like you to help make that possible. To learn more, check out our Kickstarter or click on the Donate button below.

Want to get involved? Download these graphics to share on social media along with our hashtag #melaninbasecamp and #diversifyoutdoors or click here.

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