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Women Rock!

At the end of the day, I genuinely felt incredibly confident in my new skills; so much so that I've already started to plan a multi-pitch trad climb in the Bugaboos, in Canada. I can’t recall having gained so much confidence from my former male instructors. Often times I walk away feeling moderately confident, but still wishing for a male companion on my climbs to put me at ease. Not this time.

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A Sendsmas Christmas

I was asked to join a group of individuals, most of whom I've never met, to spend three days over Christmas break in Red Rocks, near Las Vegas, Nevada. It just so happened that my schedule was open and had planned on staying in Portland this year, so I decided to take the leap. It's not every day I get asked to do some rock climbing in a different state with a group of climbing enthusiasts.  I figured it was either going to be an amazing adventure or it would be a Christmas to remember and not in a good way—so I took a gamble.

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