Têra Kaia Basewear - High Cut Toura Top


The High Cut Toura Basewear Top ($68) is a flattering and supportive reversible bra designed for any outdoor adventure—including water sports!

Têra Kaia Basewear provided the bra free of charge, for testing and review.


This bra comes in two versions, a high cut and low cut. It also comes in five different colors. The low cut is recommended for cups A-C and the high cut for C-DD. The bras are 82% nylon and 18% spandex.


Têra Kaia Basewear, formerly Arêt Basewear, is a women owned small business based in California. Their products are designed by women climbers for people looking for flattering, contoured alternatives to shapeless sports bras and uncomfortable athletic tops.


Outside of the office, I spend much of my free time bouldering in the gym and at the local crag. I tested the bra while doing a number of different activities:

  1. Rock climbing

  2. Hiking

  3. Jumping jacks

  4. Weight lifting

  5. Watching TV


Sizing: My most recent measurements are 30.8 inches around my rib cage (a half inch growth since I last measured in May) and  35.2 inches at the widest point around my chest. I typically wear a 30DD bra. However, since I haven’t purchased a new bra since I’ve bulked up, I was thinking that I might try a 32 D.  I typically go for a small, but, since Têra Kaia Basewear has more options than most companies, I wasn’t sure if I should go with the High or Low Cut Rock Climbing & Outdoor Sports Bra.

Luckily, there is a fit guide on the website where you enter your standard cup size, and they recommend a size and a cut! My recommended size was a High Cut Small. I don’t like bras that have a lot of coverage or a high neck, so I initially didn’t think that the High Cut was for me. Since they are the pros, I decided to trust them. I’m glad I did. Their recommendation was spot on. If I had gone with the low cut, there would have been nipple slippage left and right!

Also important to note, I tried the High Cut Medium as well. It was too big.

Fit: The high cut shows enough cleavage to feel sexy, but not enough to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. I tried jumping jacks and a range of yoga positions and at no time was I ever at risk! The straps do lay flat most of the time. The arm holes are also a nice size. They don’t dig into my armpits or cause chafing. They also don’t gape or flash side-boob!


As a climber, the most important question for me when shopping for a new bra is “will this inhibit my lats?” Latissimus dorsi are important muscles for climbing. For all of my bras and exercise tops, I check to see if my lats are equally strong with the bra on as they are with the bra off. So far, every bra I have tried has weakened my lats, thereby making my lock-off weaker. Unfortunately, the High Cut Toura is no exception. I have shared a video of me lat testing with the bra on. I am supposed to be able to resist the person who is pulling my arm away from my chest. First, we test with the bra on, and you can see that I can’t resist her pulling. Next, we lift the bra off my lat and, suddenly, I am able to resist.  

The Look: So cute! I wish more bras had the Têra Kaia sculpted look at the base of the bra. Why do most have a straight line when our boobs are circular? The criss cross back is also very attractive and is great for climbing since people see our backs the most. The fact that its reversible means you’re basically getting two bras for one! I wore this bra while climbing outdoors and there were no snags from rubbing against the rock. However, one strap began to unravel after a single wash. On the other hand, all of the dirt from the crag washed off easily with no stains!!! That’s great news for anyone who avoids bright colorful bras due to concerns for that reason.


Comfort. The material of the bra is awesome. I am very finicky about materials, but this bra is soft and smooth and felt pretty great against my skin. When I first put on the bra, I also felt a nice amount of support. While out climbing or hiking, I didn’t even notice the bra! However, at home, lying on my couch while binge-watching Netflix, I did notice that the straps dug into my traps and my lats.

 Overall Thoughts:

Pros: The High Cut Toura bra is very attractive and photogenic. It is reversible and available in multiple colors as well as in a low cut version.  There is ample support and no nipple slips (for me). 

Cons: The straps can dig into muscles making it uncomfortable after hours of wear. The straps also inhibit my lats making certain moves in climbing more difficult. However, this is a problem with all bras I have encountered.

Overall, this is a great, versatile bra. You can wear it casually to the store, to the gym, or out in the wilderness. However, if you want max power while climbing or lifting weights, it may not be for you.