Bluffworks: An Adventure Lifestyle Brand

*does not include cat

*does not include cat

It’s not every day that I am sent an entire outfit to review. Bluffworks, an adventure lifestyle brand, sent a pair of jeans, a vest and a t-shirt—all wrinkle resistant, lightweight, and breathable materials stylishly designed with the active individual in mind. I live in the Pacific Northwest where adventure is just around the corner. I spend a lot of my free time kayaking Class IV and V rapids so I know my way around technical clothing. But I also like to think I have a sense of style, so I’d say that this outfit seemed specifically designed for me!

Testing Conditions

I’ve had the outfit for about two weeks. I selected colors and styles that I knew I could mix and match in order to maximize use.. I’ve worn the clothes in and around town, and on long drives and walks around Portland, OR.

First Impressions

The materials are soft and comfortable, ideal for long hours of wear. The company wanted to create simple and stylish looks that had the properties of technical apparel. I think they’ve done a good job in that department.



Bluffworks recommends that you buy their jeans in a waistline smaller than your current one. This is due to the stretch in the materials. They have a handy size comparison chart on their website to help you make your decision. They also offer free returns and size exchanges because getting a good fit matters! I chose my normal size as I wanted to see how much they’d actually stretch.  I have always loved blue jeans but in recent years I’ve moved towards more functional clothing for me as I go back and forth between a job where I’m spending long hours outside, kaying trips and school. A comfortable pair of pants has always been hard to find.


I ordered the a large slim fit t-shirt. Again, the website sizing charts were helpful In choosing between slim fit and regular. The t-shirt is really soft and comfortable; I could probably sleep in this—it was that soft! True to the manufacturer’s claim, it also dries quickly and don’t seem to retain body odor.  Then there’s the vest. It has a multitude of hidden pockets. Each has a smooth running zipper. I chose the large which was a bit roomy when worn with  just a t-shirt. I would order a medium the next time to compare. While the fit and feel might be pleasing to some it was not my favorite.


I was really impressed with the materials, fit and feel of the clothes. The pricing is reasonable for such stylish techincal apparel. On my next order I would get a pair of their chinos, a dress shirt, and a blazer—they look like they’d be a comfortable stylish choice for exploring mountain towns, grabbing a beer with friends or attending a summer wedding.