Who is Adam?


Who is Adam?
I'm an adventure seeking 20 something who enjoys early morning summits, software development, travel, and photography.  You can find me playing around in the great outdoors, or pursuing any number of creative endeavors.  I'm a big time western states enthusiast, I grew up in New Mexico and spend lots of time in Arizona, Utah and Colorado.  I learned about hiking and the outdoors with my parents as they learned of all the wonders states like New Mexico and Arizona had to offer.  My parents, two former big city east coasters themselves, lit the spark of outdoor curiosity in their children from a young age because they were so taken back by the welcoming culture and openness of the West.  I am very passionate about the outdoors, it's where my soul feels most alive.  I love sharing my experiences with others and I believe empowering others to have rich experiences in the outdoors is one tangible way to make our world a slightly better place. 

What is this page for?
On my page expect to find trip reports from the areas I visit.  Gear reviews, I'm shamelessly a huge outdoor gear head. Expect to see travel updates, I am very passionate about backpack travel. There is just something so empowering about prioritizing experiences over clutter. I am always improving my ability to capture my life through photography and have many tid bits about camera gear, time-lapse photography, night, and landscape photography.  And maybe I'll even a share a few recipes, I've been told I make some mean kombucha.

What type of outdoor activities am I most passionate about?
Some outdoor activities that inspire me are lead climbing, climbing tall mountains in the US and around the world, and hiking everywhere, 

What are some things you'd like to do in the future?
I think about doing a thru-hike one day, it's a thought I can't seem to keep quite.  I've hiked sections of the CDT Continental Divide Trial growing up in New Mexico and I can hear her calling my name, someday I'll answer the call.  Also the Colorado trial is another trail I can see myself doing in the more near future.  A constant goal of mine is to hike all of Colorado's 14,000 ft mountains known by the locals as 14ers as well as the other 14ers throughout California and Washington.  I am always looking to increase my mountaineering skills and summit taller mountains, the 18,000 ft and 19,000 ft mountains of South America are constantly on my Google search tabs.

Up next on my short list of activities I have a few over seas trips planned, first to South Korea to visit my brother who is stationed out there as an Air Force officer.  We will be trekking and backpacking around the beautiful mountains of Korea and experiencing the vibrant food and culture.  From what I've heard hiking is very popular in Korea, it's a national past time, so I'm sure I'll fit right in.  Next on the list of over seas exploration is a trip to Nepal to trek around the mighty Himalayas and also meet up with my brother.  Hopefully you're seeing a theme here my brother @b_ricer80, on Instagram, and I are very close and share many of the same interests in the outdoors.  Something I am starting up this winter season is skiing!!  I've been a snowboarder for years and years and mainly out of the desire to explore more off piste trails and ski mountaineering adventures I decided to switch over to skis. Wish me luck on this new adventure and be expecting updates on this blog about the transition.

I am really just here to share my experiences, network and allow my passions for the outdoors to hopefully inspire others to take part in something I know has been instrumental in my life.