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16-Year-Old Kyra Poh Is an Indoor Skydiving World Champion

Kyra Poh's distinct style of indoor skydiving is the product of immense dedication and over 300 hours of body flight in wind tunnels across the world. In between busy training and competition schedules, Kyra graciously spent some time sharing her thoughts about her journey thus far—her recent projects, sources of inspiration, and creative process.

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No, Where Are You Really From? Women of Color In Skydiving Speak! - PART II

Sometimes skydiving is great! Sometimes it makes you feel uncomfortable or lonely. Or you feel like getting out of the sport. That’s what mentors are for! There may be times that you feel that skydiving isn’t for you. But by connecting with other women in the sport you know that you’re not the only one.

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No, Where Are You Really From? Skydiving Women of Color Speak - PART I

“We are not asking for it and women shouldn’t be expected to smile and silently put up with this harassment so we can be part of the skydiving community.”

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